About Us

Betheny Workwear is formed by individuals who are from within the industry with over 30 years expertise and knowledge of the garment world and have served in senior positions within the textile, healthcare and hospitality industry. Our garments are developed and tested to meet industry standards and are suitable for commercial laundry. Our partnership with overseas garment suppliers in Romania, India and Far East require compliance with stringent development and production procedures both being regularly monitored by our strategically based sourcing agents.

Betheny Workwear offers an excellent stock holding which guarantees stock availability and ensures main product lines are always available for immediate despatch. Stocks are held at warehouses at multiple locations to ensure quick dispatch, which is in addition to fabric and work in progress stock held overseas. Our inventory management allows demand figures to be monitored via tried and tested forecasting tools which include buffer stock facility to ensure no stock outs, thereby prompt service recovery. Betheny Workwear offers an existing product range developed to meet the current wearer needs or alternatively can offer bespoke uniform to customer specification. Betheny Workwear also offers a comprehensive emblem service to add company branding to garments.

Our returns procedure is fairly simple( Just return, if you are not happy) and does not involve any unnecessary hassle . For large consignments, we offer a collect service, through our courier.

Betheny currently has over 700 clients UK wide comprising of single care agencies and carehomes to the NHS Trusts and Councils also. Our strength is our competitiveness combined with extreme size ranges that endears the end user to our product range. Besides the above is also the highly informal service, where inter-organisational barriers are let down, so that we are teaming up to meet challenges, rather than a mere buyer and seller relation.

To this end, Betheny work wear has also developed an everlasting bond with their current suppliers, who constantly team up with Betheny to face challenges. Our suppliers are just a phone call away, rather than following a strict regime of protocols.

In the coming year, Betheny is currently teaming up with a major supplier of Healthcare products, specialising in the distribution of disposable and medical equipment, dental products and nursing supplies, thereby ensuring that Betheny is a one stop provider in Healthcare.